Orphan & Elders Home


  1. Old Age Homes for serving senior citizens / elderly people who feels loneliness and uncaredness. Especially the Home prefers to take on the elderly people of physically handicapped and Bedridden as no other homes come forward to do so. The Home provides hygienic / nutritional food under periodical medical care / checkups. The charges for inmates are very nominal and subsidised i.e., one fourth of its actual cost so that the remaining three fourth be supplemented by well wishers / donors / supporters of both Residential Indians and Non Residential Indians. Totally the charging for the incoming elderly people was very very nominal to services/amenities provided as they will overcome loneliness and get hygienic food with care. And all above, the inmates would experience homely atmosphere and round the clock service with humanity.
  2. The HRDF will find the orphans on the roads and give them shelter, food and vocational training to stand themselves on their legs for which, no charge will be demanded. The expenditure for this programme will be incurred by the society and the donors /supporters.
  3. medical-collegeThe HRDF come forward to take on the widows who thrown by their people / children. They will be given shelter, food and also vocational trainings as per their willness and ability such as tailoring, weaving, making of insence sticks, making of candles etc., for which programme, the society will charges nominal prices for those who bares and will not charges for those who can not bare. The overall expenditure for this programme will be incurred by the society itself and by the donations of supporters.
  4. The HRDF is looking for establishing vocational training centres for the people of both sexes in all age groups and also planning to establish Nursing training centre for the eligible women.